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Our Menus

Spring/Summer '24

Our current menus are available to view and/or download here:

And for the junior foodies :

We are featured in the Gluten Free Dining Directory.

Lunch with Beer

Drinks Menu 22/23

Our current, full drinks menu is available to view and/or download here:

Use our WHB System to Book your Table

Try our new, state of the art WHB reservation system!

Call us on  01621 852923 and speak when invited to do so by one of our non-computerised, WONDERFUL HUMAN BEINGS who will help you secure the reservation you want.

And if you need assistance with a group booking reservation (6 or more diners), our wonderful human being will help you with that too

NOTE: Sometimes, our WHB System gets very busy and an answerphone steps in to help out! When this happens just leave your name and number and a WHB will call you.

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